Permanent Lighting

Design Lighting

These smart lights remain Installed year round and are housed in an aluminum track matched to the existing architecture. Invisible by day, but brilliant by night.

Well Hidden
When off, the lights are virtually invisible from the street.

light up your property to be made more visible at night year round.

Energy Efficient
most systems use less power than a standard bulb

How the System Works

Lights are installed in an aluminum track, which is color matched custom to the house. This protects the lights, hides all wiring and makes the lights invisible during the day.

Permanent Holiday Lighting

Individually addressable RGB LED bulbs offer infinite color and pattern combinations. Choose from a library of pre-set patterns or create your own. Schedule a pot light pattern for added security throughout the year.

Schedule every holiday and hockey game for the year.

App Controlled
from any iOS or Android device anywhere in the world.

No More Ladders
lights stay up year round.

How the System Function

Each bulb can produce over 16 million colors offering endless display combinations. The system is controlled with a free App which allows you to set a schedule so your lights take care of themselves.

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