Floating Greens & Platforms

Yardage Markers

Simple, affordable, and classy. These circular shaped greens Provide a reference point and immediate feedback to the golfer.

Sizes 4′, 6′, 8′ dia. circle

Target Greens

Target Greens are generally smaller and less complex then our island & recreational greens. Never miss a shot!

Sizes range from(6′ x 12′) to (18′ x 24′)
Shapes circles & ovals

Island Greens & Recreational Platforms

Island greens provide a realistic golf experience. The surface is built with a shock pad, and the turf is infilled with anti-bacterial. Switch out the turf for custom decking and create a recreational slide, swim, or tanning platform!

Sizes starting at (8′ x 12′) to (20′ x 40′)
Shapes circles, ovals, kidneys, custom

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